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Welcome to my Website!

WOW! I cant believe I have finally done it I have made my own website. I had made one earlier but the cost of maintaning it was too much.But now with Neocities I can build it and put it on the internet for freee.My mother also makes art products which you can find from the navbar.If you like anything you can conntact her there.

It is now I wonder what shall iI even upload on this website made be me(yes I'm bragging about it and you cant even do anything).

I've been wondering what I shall put up here on this website and I really dont know even after pondering over it for quite a long time and then I came to the conclusion that this is the internet people dont even care for what i put as long as they have something to help them pass time so I guess this is now oficially a side project.

Well obviously I was kidding am going to upload my thoughts?? I guess onto this website because everyone knows that the internet about 50% of the time doesn't know who they are.Well I thought about what I'm gonna do on this website and I am going to make a blog and upload the occasional game(play the game now).

Aaah Fortnite is dying and I have spent about 6000 rupees(about a $100) on this game.

If you guys want to see how well I play Fortnite then look up at the navbar to see my stats

Mine is JuniorBoss36918 on Xbox and Fortnite.Message me on my Instagram. Follow me on Instagram at thejokerdude1312

Here is the link: